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Designing the Edit/Editing the Design

During this one-day seminar will we will discuss the issues faced when creating publications. Multiple sessions will address the importance of respect between edit and design, and how that respect leads to a successful, audience-focused publication. The wrap-up will include troubleshooting—working with less-than-perfect imagery, no-so-exciting editorial, and page-invading advertising.
Minnesota Magazine & Publications Association 2009 Summit [...]

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5 Steps to Keep It Fresh: Design ideas that don’t cost a thing

The current economy is not a fun topic, especially if you’re in publishing. Every day, it seems, publications are being shut down and people are being laid off. If you’re lucky enough to still have a job, you’re probably struggling with a slashed budget. But there is a positive in all of this—getting back to [...]

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5 Reasons To Take Your Publication Online

People read publications because they want content that entertains, enlightens, and informs them. Your readers form an audience with shared interests—a community. Are you maximizing their editorial experience with an online presence? Here are five reasons why you should be:
1. Conversation. The problem with a print-only publication is that the conversation is primarily one-way. The [...]

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The Critical Steps to a Successful Magazine Redesign

The way editorial and design works together in a magazine is one of the reasons people pick it up and read it. But the actual production of a magazine can be so time-consuming—the development, printing, and distribution—that it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture over time. Once you’re able to step back and [...]

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Collaboration and Respect: What It Means for Your Publication

Recently I completed a year-long volunteer position as editor of a nonprofit organization’s magazine. For twenty years, I have been on the design side of the art/edit equation so it was enlightening to wear the editor’s hat. I have a new appreciation for editors and the role they play. While art directors receive internal feedback [...]

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The Process of a Redesign: Phase 3

In part one of this series, we reviewed the internal process that an organization goes through to decide if a redesign is necessary and the steps leading up to that decision. In part two, we reviewed the redesign process itself, including creative strategy, presentation, and the launch issue. So what happens after that first issue [...]

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