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Getting It All Done

We all know the economy is tight these days, and the belt is tightening even further on publication budgets. Perhaps you’re adapting by using freelancers instead of funding a staff position. Or maybe you’re forgoing freelancers and taking on a heavier workload yourself. Everyone, it seems, is doing more for less. So how do you [...]

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critique – Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Quarterly

With the tagline “A look at life and work at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Hospital,” one can tell the goal of the cover was to capture the community aspect of the publication by showing the people who work in various departments. Unfortunately, the main theme of the article, “employee safety,” gets lost. It is unclear [...]

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critique – Birmingham Parent

This issue’s critique is of the January 2009 issue of Birmingham Parent, sent in by Art Director Hilary Moreno.
The image of the child is cute, and the cover has a nice composition, but my first impression is that the image feels forced. A child with glasses for an article about reading looks contrived—do only children [...]

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From Pulp to Pixels

In our last issue of 2connect, we reviewed five reasons to take your publication online. Once you make the decision to take your publication online, you need to consider the design, content, and usability of the site. What works in print might not work online. Accept the interactivity of the web environment and design for [...]

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The Nightly News

Experience the visual explosion of type, color and form in Jonathan Hickman’s graphic novel The Nightly News. The content might not be for everybody, but the combination of information graphics, concentric circles, figure/ground and graphic translation is inspiring.

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